Ciudad de Juárez (Oaxaca)

sono fungaiola.

I hail from a long line of mushroom pickers. My Nonno Italo taught me everything I know about how, where, and when to pick porcini mushrooms. I travel up the North Redwood Coast to secret spots. I can identify several kinds, but treasure finding and preparing these native species of the Redwood Coast: California King Bolete (boletus edulis var. grandedulis; pictured); California Golden Chanterelle (cantharellus californicus); and Coccoli (amanita calyptroderma). Nothing makes me happier than foraging in the forest! See some of my observations here.

i love my dogs!

I grew up a bonafide cat person but got my first dog at 21 and never looked back. Rue (left; Catahoula) and Betty (Shepherd-Collie mix) are named after actresses from the Golden Girls. These two rascals keep me active and outside, exploring the neighboring hills and beaches. They are good company : )