Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming)


language attitudes & ideologies

Through raciolinguistic and intersectional lenses, I utilize mixed methodologies to understand how social constructs inform a society's ideologies towards language. To this end, I design perception experiments — using for example, the matched guise method —that aim to reveal a society's semiotic structure within and beyond language use. I am also fascinated by how hegemonic structures attempt to permit or prohibit a speaker's access to various indexical fields. Related papers/projects:


“Language attitudes in Liguria: Effects of gender on the perception of Genoese.” (in press, find paper here)


"Attitudes towards Spanglish: Incorporating implicit bias in methodology"

anthropological linguistics & discourse analysis

I analyze spoken and written discourses as social practice that is "determined by social structures" (in the faircloughian mindset). Similarly, I take a post-structuralist approach to viewing real interactions via raciolinguistic and feminist lenses.

I am especially invested in uncovering how hegemonic language/structures govern what is "appropriate" or not in public spaces. Lately, I examine how female politicians are Othered in politic discourse via the scrutiny of their speech acts and identity expression.


"Right-wing surveillance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's linguistic repertoire"

"Refuting language academies’ rejections of non-binary grammatical gender.” Co-author: Ben Papadopoulos In the LSA news

"Sorry, not sorry: An intersectional analysis of Ted Yoho's non-apology"

“Circumventing gender indexicality in Political onterviews: An examination of Virginia Raggi's self-conceptualization