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I view communication as embodied and performative. That is, language is not divorced from those who produce it and thus cannot be analyzed as devoid of social meaning, which is not fixed. Using this framework, I appreciate and value variation as inherent to understanding any language variety. As a linguist, I have incorporated this conceptualization into my teaching practice.

ADJUNCT FACULTY (instructor of record)

SPAN 400: Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics (Sonoma State) Spring 2022

SSC 280: Intro to Linguistics and Language (Mount Tamalpais College at San Quentin) Fall 2021

CALS 426: Chicanx and Latinx Sociolinguistics (Sonoma State) Spring 2020

SPAN 304: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (Sonoma State) Fall 2019


C26: Intro to Romance Linguistics (UC Berkeley) Fall 2022

SPAN 179: Intro to Raciolinguistics: Theory into Practice (UC Berkeley) Summer 2022


Inclusive and decolonial perspectives underpin my pedagogical practice. I aim to celebrate language variation, dynamic multilingualism, knowledges of experience, and multimodality to include all students in a language study that suits their needs. 


Spanish 4 (UC Berkeley): Fall 2020, 2021

Spanish 3 (UC Berkeley): Spring 2020

Spanish 2 (UC Berkeley): Fall 2018, 2019

Spanish 101/102  (Sonoma  State) 2012-13


A vital and rewarding component of the Ph.D. experience is to mentor. At UC Berkeley, I was a research mentor to undergraduates in the Spanish and Portuguese department as well as the Berkeley Language Center through URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program). In this program, students develop their own research projects with guidance from professors and graduate students who have expertise in experimental and applied linguistics.

At Mount Tamalpais College, I am a Research Lead to a team of Student Researchers in a Participatory Action Research Project entitled, "The sociolinguistic labor of incarcerated people." Incarcerated students bring their lived experiences to the research process and are responsible for research design, carrying out interviews,  and analyzing data. The project will culminate with a paper, conference presentations, and accessible results summaries for the public.

I have also served as a mentor for GIGS (Getting into Graduate School), where I guided undergraduates from historically marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds who are considering or applying to graduate school.